Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rocky Fork to Birchfield Camp Lake

9/28/13 - Decided to see if I could find the lake on top of the mountain in the Rocky Fork tract....began the hike by walking along the stream for about the 1st mile... passed a couple walking down who said they went about 2 or 3 miles up and saw a couple of coyotes about 20 yards in front of them. The trail breaks away from the stream and begins to go deeper into the Rocky Fork tract. Lots of evidence of bear activity in the area. Beautiful area...11 mile round trip.

awesome water features in the lower Rocky Fork area

finally got to the lake!

beautiful day to go...nice bright sky for water reflection

very one for miles!

would love to have a small boat....have no idea how i would get it there though!

the trail goes all the way around the lake....

thanks to Hiking Bill for the great directions! Click here for his

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